Downsizing -- pros/cons?

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Thanks for mentioning - link now fixed. (VeryHappy was correct, I somehow had gotten extra junk characters at and of url)

Those are a lot of reasons to stay.


Such great insights.

I really do feel a bit more hopeful thinking that there might be several stages to the latter third of life (reflected in the housing locations).

I do see the benefit of having a few years to ramp up connections prior to the ‘needy end stage’. Not sure if this is practicable and makes sense. But based on the years I’ve put into friendships where I currently live - I know I have people who will (and have already) helped me out if I need a doctor, a second option, a visit while I’m in the hospital, a check in, etc.

If I move to a completely new place (say, second of two retirement residences) and need that kind of support, not sure that my ‘new friends’ would have that level of commitment! Might be overthinking it a little but the support always seems helpful…


Silvernest program for home sharing was mentioned on a local FB group. I don’t think we have it in our area, but it seems a good idea. I have some older neighbors and church friend homeowners who might like to participate in this type of program, if the roommates were properly screened.

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golden girls?


Colorado_mom - so interesting! And, helpful, I’d bet!

rockymtnhigh2 - haha - it’s really a thing! Senior Living Options: The Golden Girls Model