Downward trend? How bad

<p>How is a slight downward trend seen?
(out of 4.0, UW)
Soph:4.0 (All A's )
Junior: 3.9 (3 APs) (All A's and A-'s)
Senior: 3.83 (3-4 APs plus 2 college classes) (A's, A- and 2 Bs)</p>

<p>Is the drop from 4.0 to 3.9 to 3.83 going hurt a lot? Or will it be ok on account of the course rigor? The schools I'm looking at are Cornell, Duke, Brown, Penn, Northwestern and Michigan.</p>


<p>It probably won't hurt you. Colleges want to see that not only are your courses getting harder each year, but that you continue to step up to the plate and deliver the same great performance every year. Going down to As from A+s isn't really a problem. And they are usually pretty lenient about a couple of Bs senior year, because they know you have time to improve because the course is still ongoing (especially because this is your first quarter so you still have another half of a semester to improve those Bs).</p>