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Is DPT a 4+3 program in Quinnipiac? Does anyone know that stats of students been accepted into this program and what is the graduation rate?

Good Afternoon @cs128 ,

Our DPT program is a 3+3 or 4+3 option, students pick what track they would like to complete during their first year at QU. We believe this differentiates our program as it allows a student to experience course work on the college level, speak with current students in both tracks, and also with faculty to best determine their program length. If a student is admitted into the program, they can choose either track and be guaranteed a spot on the graduate level as long as they maintain a 3.2, meet the honor code, and technical standards. There are positives to both options but it really depends on the student to determine what’s the best length. The 3 year undergraduate option will require summer, and winter break coursework, while the 4 year will allow for more academic flexibility (ability to minor), studying abroad, etc. There is no cost difference between the program lengths as the academic credit taken for both tracks is the same, however the 7 year (4+3) would require an additional year of living in the area.

Our program is also almost exclusively an entry-level program only, we very rarely have any spots open on the graduate level, and even if they are available they preference current QU students to fill them. We also do not allow students to come in undeclared and transfer into the program, so it’s best to apply directly to the Physical Therapy program while a senior in high school. There is also a $30,000 graduate doctorate scholarship $10,000 for each year of the doctorate program) extended to those who maintain at least a 3.3 GPA in undergraduate coursework if they were admitted into the entry level program.

Additional important items to be aware of for the admissions process. A full year of Physics is a requirement, in addition to 4 years of a core lab science (Physics can count towards that). We do not consider forensics, marine bio, astrology, AP Environmental Science, or AP Computer Science as counting towards the 4 year requirement for PT. In addition, we ask that students complete 20 hours of shadowing directly with a Physical Therapist prior to submitting their application for admission. 10 hours of the shadowing should be in a hospital or sub-acute facility - we do not want to see all of the shadowing hours completed in only an outpatient and or sports based rehab clinic.

For program outcomes we have a 100% placement rate and most years a, 94-100% first time and 100% overall pass rate for licensure. You can see a full breakdown of program outcomes, graduation rates, and licensure pass rates at this link https://www.qu.edu/schools/health-sciences/programs/entry-level-doctor-physical-therapy.html#accreditation.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Paul Krsiak
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Quinnipiac University