Dr. Chung vs. Gruber's Math Guide.

<p>Which is the better of the two to prep for Math. Looking to increase score from very low 600's to 700's. If neither of these books are good, what are some good books for math?</p>

<p>i have both dr. chung and gruber's books. i'd say that gruber's is best for a comprehensive overview of the basics that you need to know with lots of explanations, if that's what you're looking for. i personally like dr. chung's better for practice. the 50 tips are helpful and i've found the 20 practice tests to be quite useful. be warned though--it's a little intimidating at first because all ( i mean ALL) of the problems are difficult. it's definitely helped me feel more confident when tackling the hard questions when i take practice tests, though, and makes the rest of the math section seem like a breeze. i'd say you should start with dr. chung if you're already scoring in the mid-to-high 600s, but since you're not quite there yet (i wasn't either), then i'd start with another workbook. gruber's would be good, and i used kaplan's math workbook at first and liked it a lot.</p>

<p>Dr. Chung: upper mid 600s for those to achieve math score of over 700
Grubers: under 600s to get up to 700</p>

<p>I have both too and Dr. Chung is like 10x harder than Grubers (I got a 690 on the Math section... trying to get at least a 750)</p>

<p>I used neither and I score 800s.</p>

<p>Because you're a genius. (:</p>

<p>^Yeah, and the fact I used the SAT Math Bible.</p>

<p>I used neither and I'm definitely NOT a genius.</p>

<p>But really, I suggest taking PreCalc, because seriously, everything on my SAT math practice was somewhat reviewed in precalc. Okay, so algebra 1 or geometry wasn't really, but learning more complex stuff really helped me solve everything quickly and easily.</p>

<p>While I cannot attest to the quality of Gruber's, I just started work with Dr. Chung's today. This book tackles the hardest questions in the SAT section, typically located in the end of the section. Every question in this book, as asserted above, is difficult! So if you are already good at math but need to polish your skills prior to the exam, use it. If not, you will probably find yourself frustrated over the difficulty of the book.</p>

<p>Well the thing is that unfortunately math has always been a struggle for me, even in school. Although I'm in accelerated math, I still cannot seem to do good. I try to practice over and over, and I'll understand everything, but test days I seem to forget the math techniques temporarily. As obscure as that sounds, I know how to do most of the stuff. I think I have test anxiety or something. =&lt;/p>

<p>Same here haha. During regular school days I am able to explain everything to my friends when they have questions in math. In fact, it's usually me they come to for help. And then I go bomb a test with a B. I sympathize with you Haphazard! DX</p>