dr phil

<p>strange q, but i just want to see opinions on what people here think of dr phil. soo.. what do you guys think? tv phony? great doc?</p>

<p>life is more complicated than 35346 tired cliches per episode.</p>

<p>It's amazing that he has a weight loss book. Like, only he could pull that off...</p>

<p>He just caters to the fat housewife crowd that Oprah already owns. Without a start on Oprah, Dr. Phil would be working at the free clinic.</p>

<p>Dr. Phil is a blowhard psychologist who thinks patients can just force their problems away. Not only is he completely full of crap, hes Oprah's little bi*** too.</p>

<p>according to the church of man, dr. phill is the devel and i stand by the church of man.</p>