Drama at Columbia

<p>My son is thinking about a drama/theater/Acting major. His older sister is a Film major at Tisch so we are familiar with the major at NYU. Does anybody have any experience with drama major experience at Columbia?</p>

<p>hi there</p>

<p>there is a student who posted a few months back who is a major, i will look for it later, but i'd encourage you to start with that post, it was during the time when students were making decisions (so April). I hope that's a start.</p>

<p>overall it should be made clear it is a Theatre Arts major, in which full understanding of the discipline (and not a particular study of one area) is the primary objective. students do get to focus on an area - writing, directing, acting or set design - but that is not the primary objective of the program. further it is housed within the broader liberal arts model and not the conservatory model that Tisch offers.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input.</p>

<p>You may also want to post this on the Theatre/ Drama majors forum. </p>

<p>I believe that the undergraduate program at Columbia is affiliated with the program at Barnard.</p>