Drama Teacher for Recommendation

<p>Is it okay to use a Drama teacher for a recommendation? My D has been her student for 2 yrs in the IB Drama program. Her other recommendation would be an English teacher. Or should she get one of the science or math teachers? She plans on majoring in musical theater.</p>

<p>Depends upon the schools she's applying to. If it has math and/or science requirements, they will want to know she can do the work, even if she does not get the best grades, it's ok to show she makes an effort. Most schools require a math/science recco and an English teacher recco. In your daughter's case the theater recco seems appropriate as a 3rd additional recco, to support her work in this area and her proposed major.</p>

<p>She has a 4.8 GPA, 1470 SAT, and 34 ACT. Would that make a difference?</p>

<p>Maybe, depending upon the school, check to see if they specify in the application. If they could get what they want from the transcript only, they wouldn't ask for reccomendations at all. I still think it's important to provide both math/sci and Eng. I was at Univ of Chicago yesterday and they stressed this in answer to a question similar to yours. They said they want to see what the teachers from the 2 different sides of the brain thought. And this is a school where your dd's stats are often usual. My dd (similar stats) has the same issue where the math/sci recco was going to be from a different person than the ones who taught the 'solid' academic courses, so we have decided to go with the 3. In this case the 3rd is important since it is from someone who did 4 years of extra science work with her, and with this school 3 is OK.</p>

<p>i would use the theatre recommendation as a 3rd supplementary one to the math/science/english one. (at least that's what i plan on doing. :))</p>

<p>bioearthmom, my suggestion is to come over to the College Search and Selection forum and post in the musical theatre thread. I'll answer your question here, though, then welcome you over there! What schools is your D auditioning for? What most of the programs want, and what my D did at Tisch, is to supply one, or two if requested, recommendations from academic teachers. Then on audition day you will usually have to have a drama resume, headshot, and drama recommendation with you to give to the auditors. That's where the drama rec will come in. With your D's academic record, she should have no trouble getting two academic recs. See you in the other forum!</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. SHe is using the common application for most of the schools and they didn't specify. I tried e-mailing them, but no response. What you are saying makes sense.</p>