Dream school: csuf but my stats are: 3.45, 1110, & 23

What are my chances? I want to major in communications, but it’s pretty impacted.

Should I apply as Ethnic studies? I have a friend who currently attends CSUF and she says that changing majors is an easy process. She switched from Kinesiology to Computer Science easily…

Your stats give you about a 50/50 chance of getting in. You could increase the odds if you study and retake the SAT. I’m not sure how competitive your major is, but it’s not Berkeley. You shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Are you local (within the service area) or non-local? If local, then your chances are better than non-local.


Your EI is 3870 SAT so if non-local you are borderline but within range for a local applicant.

I am an advocate for applying to your choice major but based on the information on the CSU Fullerton website, other than getting approval from the department there seems to be no required pre-req courses or GPA criteria to change majors.

Average Stats for admitted students in 2019:
CSU Capped weighted GPA: 3.68 SAT: 1127 ACT: 22