Dress code?

<p>Here's some questions about clothing =)</p>

<p>So, what kind of clothes do guys at SDSU wear? Is flip flops, jeans, polo and aviator sunglasses something that would work? Is destroyed jeans common? Which designers is most popular? Is A&F and Hollister big or is it more common that people wear Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, or does people wear something totally different?
What do you girls think looks good and what do you prefer on a guy?</p>

<p>Now, let me hear what you think!</p>

<p>i took summer classes there (2 summers ago) and everything you have mentioned, those were the types of clothes we wore.</p>

<p>im a freshman guy at sdsu and the surfer/skater look is the most common. a/f isnt big but ppl wear it. sandals are big.</p>

<p>c'mon guys and girls, give me some more opinions about what you think!</p>

<p>I go to SDSU and I have one piece of advice:</p>

<p>Wear your own style. It's college; nobody gives a ****.</p>

<p>Its SoCal hun. Name brands aren't as big as looking clean.</p>

<p>Just wondered if anyone had any more opinions? Is American Eagle popular at all? Would you look out of place sporting the look with polo collared shirt or collared long sleeve nicer looking shirts with sleeves rolled up. I am sure you know the style. I am planning to wear whatever I want. I just dont know what to look out of my place. I wear a lot of Quiksilver, AE, and some hollister. No AF really anymore.</p>


<p>you could wear boots, short shorts and a bright green wife beater and no one would say anything. you'd probably get more attention from the ladies too. haha.</p>

<p>it's not a fashion show, no one cares</p>

<p>AF/AE/Hollister is not that big.</p>

<p>The surfing co. clothing are pretty popular with rainbow sandals. Also, a lot of students sometimes wear shirts with their fraternity or sorority name and i see girls are into uggs.</p>

<p>designer jeans and converse are pretty popular too.</p>

<p>Would you look real out of place wearing AE or Hollister though?</p>

<p>no, college has every style imaginable. wearing ae/hollister you would not stand out. their clothing line is similar to a beach/surfer style. if you want to stand out, try going for the emo punk rockish look. (i dont have anything against them, but they do stand out on campus)</p>

<p>hahah when guys wear ae/hollister/a&f clothes and those baggy destroyed jeans with little sandals all i do is laugh.</p>