Dress shirts/attire for tall/skinny guys

<p>What can folks suggest for appropriate job interview dress for work in media/communications or education? And any advice on where to find dress shirts for tall/skinny kids would be welcome. </p>

<p>He favors flip flops, jeans and tee shirts of course, but knows it is time to move beyond those. When forced to "dress up" he has usually drifted to Banana Republic because they have a better fit for the VERY skinny 6 foot plus frame...but he'd rather shop at Crossroads or Goodwill.</p>

<p>Nothing in his current repertoire looks right to me, but what do I know--about either current industry standards or youth fashion? A suit seems like overkill (and expensive) and he would feel incredibly awkward in one I bet. </p>

<p>And he always hates how dress shirts hang on his skinny frame--so I'm wondering what you sartorial sophisticates out there can suggest</p>

<p>I think he needs a suit, or minimum a jacket and dress pants, for interviews. He'll need a pair of loafers, if not dress shoes. I could be wrong, but people in media are generally fairly well dressed, at least color coordinated with nice material.</p>

<p>My husband was tall and skinny. :) He couldn't wear Brooks Brothers and had to wear more European shirts because the fit was tighter.</p>

<p>I have a tall skinny son. We shop at Kohls and do okay. The tall son has a suit that looks really good on him. The son that is a little shorter has a blazer that looks more casual, but still dressed up.</p>

<p>I always bought a jacket and dress pants for my guys because the pants could be replaced easily as they grew, and the jacket altered. Go to a decent department store and ask for advice in the suit department. He needs a "long" in a jacket or suit. Pants from a good store are hemmed to fit, and can be taken in at the waist if needed.
Look for Calvin Klein or Ben Sherman dress shirts - they are not cheap but wear well, have modern look and and a slim fit. Macy's often has them on sale. If you are looking at other lines, look for the words Slim, European or Modern to describe the cut.
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Don't go overboard at the beginning; just get some basics. Communications and media are very fashion-conscious fields, and have their own style and standards.
He could also ask male relatives if they have jackets or suits that they can no longer wear. If it fits in the shoulders and is close to the right length, the rest can be altered for relatively little.</p>

<p>I agree with oldfort that your S wil need a suit and some nicer shoes as well. As far as shirts go, he should look for "slim" or "European" cut. Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss make very nice dress shirts that aren't outrageously expensive. Check Macy's and Nordsrom Rack. Are there any outlet stores in your area?</p>

<p>Second the European cut comment. Forget about any American brand. Think Tahari, Paul Smith, Boss, Armani, Zara</p>

<p>There was a thread for tall, skinny guys awhile back. Check out Nordstroms, Jos. Banks and Brooks Brothers for shirts specifically tailored for narrower frames. It makes a huge difference.</p>

<p>We got S (tall and very skinny) a suit a couple years ago on the clearance rack at a skate shop, of all places. It's made by Volcom, I believe, and it really is nice. It has been on a cruise, at his senior photo session, in church ... it's been a godsend. He has a couple European fit dress shirts and some nice ties to change it up for various events.</p>

<p>You all are great. This is definitely a direction. Part of the challenge of course is that he doesn't really want coaching or planning--until the VERY LAST minute. But at least I can do some covert reconnaissance and then appear to be actually helpful without being too involved. Thank goodness nothing serious will be needed until the fall as he is working on a ranch this summer and the college wardrobe rolls over into that fairly well (though he will need some serious footwear.....and he will get that in hand (so to speak...)</p>