Drew for pre-med

Hi everyone,

We toured Drew today and D loved it. She felt very comfortable in the atmosphere and really bonded with some of the students we met. They seem to be strong in science and have many research and internship opportunities. Of course, that info is coming from them so I will need to verify.

I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the suitability of Drew for pre-med. I am NOT asking about fit or about whether her peers will be at her intellectual level or anything like that. I know where it stands in the rankings. I am really asking ONLY for opinions about the suitability of Drew for a student who is certain she wants medical school.


Drew will provide her with the required coursework and preparation for med school, with the big plus of solid pre-health advising.
For any pre-health intentions, have the student start the advising process during the first semester of freshman year. That way they’ll have more than just the requirements completed, they’ll hopefully have a cohort of others, plus the on-going relationships with the advising staff.
Ultimately, however, it will be her MCAT that will be the driving force of admission, not the name of the undergrad institution.

@hop. Thanks for that!