Drew Theater

<p>Can anyone tell me about the theater department at Drew. I have been accepted at both Drew and Muhlenberg Theater programs and I am trying to compare the two. I love the fact that Drew is near the city.</p>

<p>I have heard good things about Drew's theater program, no experience first hand, though. Drew is ranked #6 and Muhlenberg is #7 on the Princeton 2008 Best 366 College Rankings, if that means anything. Looks like you would be well served by either school. Good luck.</p>

<p>when i stayed at drew for an overnighter i visited a theater class and it was one of the things that convinced me it was the right school... it was an acting and directing course and the teacher was great. and they do everything from a midsummers night dream to little shop of horrors, so a variety of genres are represented in their department... there's always a show to star in =]</p>

<p>class of 2012 baby!</p>

<p>Congrats on your acceptances!</p>

<p>I don't know much about Muhlenburg, but my D is a freshman at Drew this year. Drew really has an excellent, well-respected theater program. In addition to their regular offerings, they offer a semester on Broadway. Their theater facilities are wonderful. Also, the Shakespeare Theater of NJ is in residence on campus.</p>

<p>Drew is located close to a commuter line to NYC. My D has probably gone into the city 7 or 8 times so far this year. It's $15 round-trip, free to students one week each semester, and takes 50-60 minutes to get to Penn Station.</p>

<p>Has anyone had experience with students at Drew who want to study musical theater?</p>

<p>It is a major deal at the campus, as reflected in the earlier posts.Top facilities for students plus an excellent professional theater on campus. Probably their best department.</p>

<p>Definitely a strong theater program; but not sure about "musical theater". Also, note that my earlier posting (4/08) mentions a Broadway Semester. I believe that program has been discontinued. On the other hand, during the intervening period since that earlier post, Drew has added a minor in Dance. So the best approach would be to contact the Department, with a list of questions in hand, to see whether Drew would be a good choice for a student interested in musical theater.</p>

<p>At Drew, we have a great theatre program. I personally am not a theatre major or minor but I have a lot of friends involved in the program. I know that just recently, Drew was ranked #1 theatre school in the country by the Princeton Review. There are a lot of student run productions as well as once directed by a professor. There are two musicals each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Students perform in the black box theatre, which can change seating for the plays. As Cadbury said, the broadway semester has been discontinued. Drew University has also just put on the show "Side Show" which has been considered the best show here in years! I hope this helps you. =)</p>

<p>Just found this…is the semester on Broadway still cancelled?</p>

<p>Drew University has three New York City semester programs in Contemporary Art, United Nations and Wall Street which any major can participate in: <a href=“http://www.drew.edu/undergraduate/where-you-learn#newyork”>http://www.drew.edu/undergraduate/where-you-learn#newyork</a></p>

<p>While there isn’t a Broadway Semester, many theater students instead intern with production companies in NY and NJ. Drew University does however offer a great international London semester revolving around theater. Information on the London semester and 15 other reasons to study theater at Drew can be found at <a href=“http://www.drew.edu/theatrearts/16-reasons-to-study-theatre-at-drew”>http://www.drew.edu/theatrearts/16-reasons-to-study-theatre-at-drew</a></p>