drew university vs. susquehanna u.

<p>heyy everyone! first off congrats to everyone who's been accepted lol</p>

<p>i was accepted to both susquehanna and drew, and since both are beautiful small LAC on the east coast i'm having a hard time deciding between them. i figured i'd come to you guys since the people on these forums seem to know alot about all this college stuff! in your opinions, which one is better? do any of you have negative/positive feedback about these coleges? thanks so much =]</p>

<p>I don't know anything about susquehanna, but I do know several people with really positive experiences at Drew. Poly Sci and Theater are both quite strong, I know. And the young man I know had an internship at the UN. Drew is about 45 minutes from NYC on a very handy train.</p>

<p>I've heard a lot of good things about drew, it's a good school that's really close NYC probably a half hour train ride. it's in a nice neighborhood too. susquehanna, don't know much about it but i went to basketball camp there. drew's campus is nicer lol.</p>

<p>thanksss =]... anyone else?!</p>

<p>I live near Drew. It's very pretty (though it's on the "ugliest college campus list"... god knows why), and it's a really good school. And they have awesome Shakespeare productions once a month from June to December. =]</p>

<p>yeah the theater program seems really good... =]</p>

<p>anyone else? thanx so much!</p>

<p>I live near Drew and took flute lessons there for 4 years. The new performing arts building is gorgeous. Ditto on the previous comments about the Shakespeare Theater. The athletic center is also really nice. The campus is really pretty. The town of Madison is nice, but it is just like any other suburban town, in that there is not all that much to do there. There are a lot of college kids from various schools in Madison and the neighboring town of Summit, though, and it seems they tend to party/hang out together. The train to NY is a great option. I don't know much about Susquehanna, except that my friend goes there and absolutely loves it. She never wants to come home.</p>