Drexel 7 year med Program

<p>hey i have a question im going to apply next year doubt ill get in can't make the 1370 but i heard there is a junior year matriculation programs and if u fill the MCAT and gpa requirements can u be 100% sure to get into their med school and i heard its 7 year as well can someone give me more info and links about this program??????</p>

<p>try other programs too</p>

<p>I will but could u guys just give me more info about this particular program????</p>

<p>I know what you're talking about gmail - however, it isn't 100% guaranteed if you have the GPA and the MCAT. You still have to interview for the program, which is known as early assurance. </p>

<p>I would check drexel's website if you really want information.
I don't know if this helps or not, but I know for a fact that temple has a program like that.</p>

<p>hey i heard they assure u junior year but i wanted to know if u moved into Drexel med school junior year or if u had to complete the fourth undergrad year there by only doing 3 years undergrad</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you'd have to complete the 4th year.</p>

<p>For temple, you're guaranteed admission at the end of your 3rd year, but you stilll have to finish your 4th year of undergrad.</p>

<p>Wait... Drexel's programs (Fast Track) aren't guaranteed? I thought they were as long as you meet the GPA and MCAT requirements.</p>

<p>chica - drexel's program is guaranteed. gmail is talking about going to normal drexel undergrad, then going through early assurance into medical school.</p>

<p>Oh I see, thank you.</p>

<p>I think Drexel's soph/junior matriculation program is 8 years not 7..but correct me if I'm wrong.</p>

<p>I'd e-mail the med school admission counselor (if such exists) and ask that way.</p>

<p>gmail, I visisted drexel this weekend, and they talked about the early assurance program.</p>

<p>you apply sometime during your sophmore year I believe. it is an 8 year program, 4(or 5 if co-op) + 4.</p>

<p>i'm sure they have more info on their website.</p>

<p>^^^ evilbooya, I wonder if I saw you there, since I visited drexel that weekend, too :)</p>

<p>hmm. possibly. During the BS/MD meeting, I was towards the right side (if you faced the speaker), like 3 or 4 rows down. Both of my parents were with me, and I was talking to the 3 kids around me. oh, and I'm a guy.</p>

<p>hmmm... my memory is failing me right now.
I was in the first row towards the left (facing the speaker). Brown. Female. Both parents with me.</p>