Drexel BSMD 2021 Applicants

What did the email say? I didn’t receive it yet.

I meant that they will send out an email, my bad.

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I was speaking to a counselor and was informed that we will receive results by 5 PM today. An email will be sent and it will also be posted on the portal.

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Anyone heard anything?

Thanks for the updates

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I got in! Please post your updates.

Any updates from your end?

I was accepted today as well!!

My Daughter didn’t get in. She will go with her NSU BSDO option

Is that a direct med program too? How many years? That sounds great! Good luck to her!

Have you decided if you are going to take it?
What are your other choices if I may ask?
I am planning on taking a tour this Saturday and see how I like the campus.

Congrats to you too! I am not sure if I am going to take it yet. What about you?

Have fun on the tour. I live on the west coast so I haven’t taken a tour yet either.

Can I connect with someone that is thinking of committing to Drexel BS/Md please.

Hi folks! Posting for a friend. Her DD is admitted to Drexel for BSMD ands she wants to connect her DD with students and she herself wants to connect with the parents. Is there a group already for students and is there one for parents please?

I am a new user. My daughter is admitted to the BSMD program. Can you PM me? We want to find out more details about the BSMD experience

Son got admitted into the BS/MD program and we are from NJ. He is also looking to connect with other kids from the area or away who are planning to attend Drexel in Fall 2021. Please PM.

Pls ping me and happy to connect

Please ping me and happy to connect

My son got accepted. Would be happy to connect. Please PM

Happy to connect. Son got accepted. Please PM.