Drexel BSMD 2021 Applicants

Hello… not sure whether we have a separate thread for Drexel BSMD 2021 interview offered applicants. My daughter is taking her interview in 1st week of March.
Any one already interviewed and any feedback about the interview process? Appreciate if anyone from this year applicant pool or a current BSMD freshman’s input.

its 7 hours long and the guy who did my interview was sleeping and it was very sad. It destroyed my confidence

I finished my interview 3
Days ago. How was your daughter’s interview? I am curious to know how the program is rated? Did your dgt apply to any other BS/MD programs?

She said it went well. It was well planned interview. She is very much interested to attend this program if she gets in.

Sorry to hear that. But daughter said it was decent and went well.

Which state are you from? Did you hear about STAR scholars and honors yet?

@sleepyjoe … pm’d you

has anyone heard back yet

Not yet

Anyone received any update from Drexel?

Nope, not yet. I wonder when they will release decisions.

Not yet. Waiting for it

Not yet still waiting!

Do you guys think we can expect to hear by 31st?

May I ask where else does your student have the acceptances from? It’s very weird and worrisome that no one in CC talks about Drexel BS/MD. Looks like there is a very small pool who applied to Drexel BS/MD? Any thoughts?

I agree there is hardly any talk of Drexel so hopefully it is a smaller group who applied(Wishful thinking). She got into Nova BS/DO, RPI, U of Rochester, Brandies, Upitt and some more but this was the only interview she has had for Bs/MD. All the best to all of you there!

I hope to think that’s the case. Hope we all hear some good news soon.

I emailed my admissions counselor and she said we should hear by the end of day 4/1.

Does anyone know when we get decisions? Also, do they email us or is it just on the portal?

I believe they just send out an email. And someone mentioned we will know by the end of the day today