Drexel Co-op information


I’m thinking of doing Information Systems at Drexel University. It says I need to do a Five-year program with three six-month periods of Co-op employment or four-year program with one six-month Co-op. So, I’m interested in doing the five year program. What would my schedule look like? How many times would I have classes and when will I have Co-op? Does Drexel help you get a job? Or are you completely on your own?

Also, the tuition comes out to be $69,489. How much will it be with Five year Co-op?


From this year Drexel won’t charge for tuition during coop. So if you take 5 year 3 coop, divide one year tuition by 3 and that’s your cost per quarter. For new freshmen, you must complete 12 quarters of study under the 5 year program to graduate. So multiply the cost per quarter by 12 and that’ll be your total cost of attending Drexel for 5 years.

Does that include other charges

You are still responsible for university fees during coop which is not much…