Drexel Computer Science transfer rejected. No Calculus I

Just got the email early today saying they withdrew my application because Calculus I was required. I submitted my application through common app, and I didn’t know that this was a thing. The reason why I didn’t have Calculus I on my transcript is I took the wrong starting math class, which offset my math progression by one semester. I was told, once I take Calculus I can update my application again. I can definitely get it done over the summer, so I might try again. I didn’t know Drexel was this strict.

Anyways here are my Stats:

I will have about 45 credits done after this semester, current major CS.

Asian 29 years old

High school GPA: 2.2

College GPA: 3.94

President of 2 Clubs: CS and Art

non-profit volunteer 100+ hours

Strong recommendations

A very specific transfer essay on what I want to achieve.

Programmed 2 years before before I started community college, MIT intro to python final grade 93% MOOC no cheating. I am also a freelance artist. Mentioned both in my Essay. At this point I am not sure if they even looked at my application. It felt like my application was auto filtered out.

Anyways, hopefully this post can help some one in the future. I was just told Northeastern also requires Calculus I for transferring into their CS program, so I am probably going to get rejected from A LOT of other schools too. Can’t wait!