Drexel/Drexel and Lehigh/Drexel: IMPORTANT!

<p>For those of you who have applied to Lehigh and Drexel for their individual programs with Drexel Med (or for those of you who are applying):</p>

<p>On the Drexel supplement for the program, the essay asks basically why do you want to be a doctor. However, on the Lehigh supplement for the program, the essay is more specific:why do u want to be a doctor, why Drexel Medicine College, and why the accelerated path.</p>

<p>So can I submit the less complicated Drexel essay to the Lehigh people as well even though the ask a little more specific questions? Would they care very much?</p>

<p>I already called and asked the Drexel Med if I had to submit the 2 different supplemental applications and they said yes (I didn' realize at the time that they had different essay questions). So I thought that I would asked some experienced CC'ers (or ones that are going thru the same thing) instead of calling again. </p>

<p>::sigh:: Sorry, it's kinda a long post and it kinda sounds like I'm freaking out over nothing (or maybe it is something??) but this problem is really bugging me!!!</p>

<p>Why not just revise it a little to satisfy the more complicated parts? Such as maybe add 1-3 sentences to fulfill the extra questions. I don't know about this but two separate committees will probably be reading each essay. If the Lehigh people look at it it will probably sound like an essay written for all accelerated programs rather than the specific one you are applying for, and would sound like a lack of interest. Just my two cents.</p>

<p>thanks schrizto...good advice</p>

<p>thats what I did.</p>

<p>hey funkmasta, did you also have to turn in two separate science teacher recs: one for Lehigh and one for Drexel, even though they are both going to the med school? </p>

<p>I am going to have one science teacher write the rec but does he need to fill out two diff forms for each school or what did u do?</p>

<p>yeah i got one science teacher to fill out two recs....i dont remember specifically whether there were diff. forms but if they are the same exact form then just get him to sign one and then photocopy it. They should be basically the same anyway....i dont remember the details about applying too well but i think one paper goes to lehigh and the other to drexel, it doesn't make sense for 2 science reqs from teh same exact teacher to go to one place you know?</p>

<p>okay thanks...I'm gonna call the Lehigh director and just clarify everything with her on Monday.</p>

<p>let us know</p>

<p>the director is out of the office until next monday, so until then...</p>