Drexel EA 2024

Anybody else waiting?

Yes, their website says decisions for early action applicants will be released mid December, according to last years thread the first round of decisions came out Dec 13

If you check CSS, it says that financial aid packages for Drexel come out on the 16th so thats probably when well hear from them

yep! also waiting

Did anyone else get an email inviting them to apply to honors program? Just got this morning.

philippians Yes. My DD got that email, but no admission notification.

My daughter also received that email. Does the honor program give you a merit award?

It is a special program you need to apply to and I’m not sure if there is a financial Award if you get into it. I looked quickly at the application, it’s intensive! Looks like a great program.
It’s encouraging, I would think if you are invited to apply for the honors program you are probably going to be accepted to Drexel??

My daughter got it as well. It indicates that invitation was based on review of her profile so fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

For my son I think the honors link has been available for a while. Maybe a month or two ago. The early acceptance deadline is Jan 4th I believe. I think there’s a RD deadline in February? He’s waiting to make sure he’s accepted before he does the work. The application appeared to be substantial.

We went to the open house a few weeks ago. We attended the honors presentation. The honors program seemed pretty solid. The students were impressive and easy to talk to.

I got the honours invite too. I might apply for it

does the honors technically mean that we’re in?

@madsailorofsj I don’t think any actual acceptances have been sent out yet. I think (as per someone above) Drexel says they will inform in Mid-December, so you should hear something soon.

But I would think an invite to honors is a good sign. :slight_smile:

Drexel’s ED and EA acceptance rate is very high. About 90% if not more of those who applied in the Fall are in.

I don’t think honours means acceptance but I think it means we have a higher chance of getting selected for the honours program compared to those who didn’t get an invite.

Hi. I got an invite for honours program too. Even though the mail says after a careful review of your application, do anyone of you think that they might have sent it randomly to everyone? Or are there some applicants who haven’t got an invite?
I am just curious.

I did not get it.

I got the honors program invite too, I probably won’t apply though since its my safety. EA decisions should come out this week, fingers crossed.

I’m curious, all of you who are lurking and posting here. Is Drexel your first choice? It’s not mine.

Did anybody get this email today?

Based on your strong academic performance, we would like to invite you to apply to the Students Tackling Advanced Research (STAR) Scholars Program at Drexel. We believe you are an excellent candidate for this program.