Drexel Enginnering any good?

<p>Well i live in south jersey and everyone around here(older people in the engineering profession) seems to think that drexel is like THE PLACE to go for engineering. What is your opinion on why it was ranked so low in the US news rankings? thanks</p>

<p>looks like they have a pretty good m.e. department; you'll get a good education. Outside of your area it may not have a big 'wow' factor but its the education that counts. It isn't ranked so low in the US news rankings, I think its in the 50's. Thats really not bad at all!</p>

<p>It's actually ranked at 108. But remember that US News isn't a measure of how well a school teaches. It's a measure of the academic preparation of the freshman class, the desirability of the school, and reputation. </p>

<p>That said I must say that Tom Fulp, the creator of the internet's first flash portal (which led the way copy cat sites like youtube), went to Drexel, and he strikes me as a very competent programmer.</p>

<p>Drexel's not bad. For a lot here it's probably a safety. I know I'll be applying ;)
And don't worry about US News. I don't think they even included Wesleyan on their list, at all. (WESLEYAN!?)</p>

<p>thanks for the input....any where else on the web that ranks engineering programs?</p>

<p>Consider looking at graduation rates and median SAT scores for an additional metric of comparison.</p>

<p>Drexel has a Co-op program for engineering. Get an engineering degree, real-life experience, and get paid for your work at the company all in 4 years. Not a bad deal. </p>

<p>Drexel has a good engineering program and I think the co-op program would be great for average students looking to get an edge in the real world since the almighty prestigious schools are out of the question for them. </p>

<p>But to answers your question... i'm sure the resources are there and the professors, but the lack of highly competitive and amazing students in the engineering program is probably the cause for such a low ranking.</p>

<p>I'm from southeastern PA, and a good number of my friends wound up going to Drexel for engineering and CS. Most of my friends that went there were the ones that couldn't go to the "top" tier engineering schools and wanted to stay local. I think a lot of people that applied to Drexel also applied to Penn State, Lehigh, and Lafayette. I think they liked Drexel over the other three due to its location within the city, even if that part of Philly isn't quite the best.</p>

<p>drexel is good for engineeirng i took some dual enrollment class es ther. i will add that it does have such an ugly campus</p>

<p>In Drexel they have the Co-op program which is 6 months study, 6 months work. Which is pretty awesome. So in a 5 year Co-op plan one already has 18 months of experience before graduating.</p>

<p>Compared to another engineering school in Pa., e.g. Penn State, its a better deal in terms of the co-op. In PSU one could complete three rounds of Co-op (4 months each) in 5 years which is about 12 months. But, finding a co-op or an internship at PSU is just like finding a regular job. Dressing up, resume, and the whole interview process.</p>

<p>But, when it comes to Drexel things are a little different. When one enters the co-op plan its required by the school to have a co-op. So I think its sort of easier in finding a co-op...
I'm not completely sure, could any who knows about Drexel tell more about the Co-op process.</p>

<p>Rowan U. offers one of the best undergrad engineering programs in the nation, at half the cost.</p>

But, finding a co-op or an internship at PSU is just like finding a regular job. Dressing up, resume, and the whole interview process.


At least it gives you the opportunity to experience, first hand, what it feels like after you graduate and are looking for a job.</p>