Drexel LSD Bust

<p>All over our local nightly news stations and local newspaper sites.</p>

<p>The reporting is saying Drexel officials was very open and instrumental in the investigations.</p>

<p>I shouldn't be surprised at drugs on any college, but it still saddens me.</p>

<p>Cops</a> bust $1M LSD ring operating on Drexel campus - delcotimes.com</p>

<p>So 3 people in their 30's, one student and 1 other person. </p>

<p>Quote from the article" Detectives in Upper Moreland originally notified the DA’s office that they had arrested a Drexel University student on marijuana and gun charges. That student then became an informant by allowing investigators to record phone calls of his drug transactions. A second person was subsequently arrested and then became a second informant.</p>

<p>Raphael Zappala, 33, and Joshua Dassay, 31, both from Philadelphia and Wesley Crawford, 34, of Armdore were arrested and charged with Delivery, Possession with Intent to Deliver, Conspiracy, Use of a Communication Device to Facilitate a Narcotics Transaction, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child (EWOC)."</p>