Drexel Neighbourhood

I am an international student and will be applying to Drexel and some other colleges but I really like Drexel due to its co-op program. My concern is that I heard that drexel neighbourhood i.e. philly is not a very good or safe so I wanted to know if it is worth applying there or not and are these things superficial or like a major threat?

Drexel University’s campus is adjacent to the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Both are just west of downtown Philadelphia. It is a safe neighborhood as long as you take normal urban qualufications and remain aware of your surroundings.

If you are going to exclude Drexel you would also need to exclude most urban US universities.

I am not thinking of excluding Drexel as of now. Its merit based and need based scholarships are really attractive.

How does Drexel handle co-op for international students who are on educational visas? That’s one thing I’d check.

I went to Drexel way back when and it was a rough neighborhood, but I didn’t have any problems, although a few of my Fraternity brothers got robbed.

It is a MUCH nicer neighborhood now.

Definitely very safe. Our freshman loves it and can’t imagine himself anywhere else. Loves Philadelphia as well.

Thank you very much!

A few years ago, it was a much rougher area. I was there recently and was pleasantly surprised at how much nicer it was now. There are some very bad neighborhoods not too far away, but the area right around campus is fine.

We’ve visited twice. S20 has applied and S21 probably will apply next year. He likes the co-op program as well.

The neighborhood seems to be safe. From people we’ve talked to the area has improved over the years. It seemed clean with some newer buildings mixed with some older buildings and neighborhoods. That said, it’s an urban campus and you have to be aware of your surroundings but that’s true anywhere.

I know you asked a month or two ago, but since people are still making decisions- I grew up in South Jersey and spent a lot of time in Philly and my uncle works nearby, we also visited Drexel and UPenn just last year and the neighborhood is FINE. It’s about as good as ANY actual city neighborhood, like NYC/Manhattan or parts of Brooklyn. Obviously one shouldnt’ wander the streets alone and drunk at 3 am, especially females and one should use caution for pickpockets and muggings, (aka don’t show belongings, don’t show money obviously, be alert and aware.) University City is especially nice but even if you venture west…

And if you ask me West Philly is not really a “bad neighborhood” either most people hard working family people, some urban hippies, lots of elderly living out their golden years and immigrants. You’re not likely to be shot up or mugged, and they don’t hate the University City situation as much as Cecil hates Temple. Now Temple, THAT is a BAD neighborhood the second you step off campus.