Drexel University Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Anyone got a decision yet


Did anyone else apply to the honors program? I think that decision comes out today too

Is Early Action coming out today?


My daughters decision was posted to her portal. She was accepted. No mention of scholarship or financial aid package.


I got into Drexel’s honors program with a 40k/year scholarship!


Try going to the financial aid and scholarships tab

Congrats! Was that for merit or overall?

got in with a 20k/year scholarship! yah!! :wink:

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Does anyone know how drexel determines merit scholarships

Got denied. GG. It was an interesting experience.

Thank you! It was 30k/year merit and 10k/year for the Drexel grant

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Rashmi, you have to look into the financial aid section to see the scholarship details. It is not mentioned in the main page.

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Son got into Business and Engineering Program. Do not see any merit, hopeful it is not full pay.

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My son got into the Criminal Justice & Law program w/ $26k in scholarships and grants. We’re very excited because this is his first choice school.


Yes, yesterday

My daughter got into the Nursing program. Got nice merit awards and Drexel Grants but that price tag is still very high.


Us too

We have not researched how merit is determined. My D was accepted EA and will apply to the Honors program. She applied for Biomedical. Merit was 10k + another 3k for legacy (I’m a Drexel grad). Her stats are very strong, Ivy League levels and we did not request financial aid. Her merit awards at other schools are much more generous which does effect the final decision. Maybe more merit comes with the honors program?

What are my D22 chances? 3.8 unweighted. 1 AP 1 IB, 3 honors. Captain of Varsity softball and basketball, working part time, lots of EC especially in music. Strong essay. Applying for communications.