Drexel University Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Very good chances. Applicants with much lesser statistics got scholarship during the EA round. Majors were Comp science and bio-med. They submitted SAT scores though.

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Yes. We are test optional OOS. She also has 5 math classes, including calculus and 4 lab sciences, history, language and English. And is a music scholar. Fingers crossed.

I think she will get in with a big merit scholarship…

Your lips to God’s ears. Do they track interest? We have a formal visit in March.

Based on our experience, I think your DD is likely to be admitted, but not necessarily with much merit. My DD had the same UW GPA as yours, which translates to 4.5 weighted, but a very solid ACT score (33) and similar sports team captain and extracurriculars plus multiple AP classes with 4s and 5s on the tests. Admitted EA but with only $10,000 in merit aid, which is considerably less than she was offered at some other schools. She also demonstrated interest with an official visit. Good luck!

Thank you! We shall see. I guess it’s a long wait til March lol

Good luck everyone