Drexel vs Hofstra Physician Assistant 5 year BS/MS program

Hi! I been accepted into Drexel University and Hofstra University for the 5 year BS/MS Physician Assistant Program, but I can’t decide which one to commit to. Can someone please list the pros and cons of each and anything else I need to know about the schools. Thank you!!!


Drexel has a much better location and better placement!

Thanks for responding!!
But do you think its worth the 200K in debt??

Hi, I think Drexel would be a good choice for the career. Drexel is one of the oldest top school. I am also trying to reach the drexel for PA. But could you please tell what was your overall and science GPA for drexel pa admission. Did you finish BS or with 90 credit to apply… How was the interview and what kind of question did they ask you. Please reply me. Thanks.

Dear walkingrace : Hofstra’s recent medical school accreditation coupled to the North Shore/LIJ partnership will continue to help the placement pipeline for the PA program. Further, the competition for PA spots is increasing (I personally know several candidates from other undergraduate institutions with 3.6 GPAs who were rejected from the most recent PA class). You will do well with either choice, but you should consider the location of your desired network : Pennsylvania or New York.

I was accepted into the dual degree program so I will receive my BS and MS in 5 years. And I didnt have an interview. Good Luck!!!

Scottj, Thanks for your input!! Im still deciding :confused:

@walkingrace bumping this old thread but what did you end up deciding and how did you make that decision?

Hi walkingrace,

I saw that back in 2015 you got accepted to Hofstra’s 5 year PA BS/MS program. Did you end up matriculating there?

My daughter also got accepted there and we won’t be able to visit.

If you did end up at Hofstra, I was just wondering how your experience was and if you would recommend it?

Thanks in advance,


Closing thread. OP has not been seen since 2015. If she resurfaces and wants to answer, she can PM me to reopen.