Drexel vs RIT for Business

My DD has been accepted to both RIT and Drexel for business. She prefers an urban setting, but is unsure which is the better fit for her. Does anybody have any insight/experience with this?

If she really wants Urban, Drexel is that. RIT is more suburban. Other differences are semesters versus quarters . My S looked at both but for CS, not business, so I have no idea about what both schools offer.

I’d consider them to be peer institutions so if she prefers an urban setting, the price is similar, and both schools have the course of study she wants I’d go for Drexel.

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As mentioned above, Drexel is definitely more urban.

Regarding the business school aspects…

I was born/raised in the Philly area, and my first job out of college was across the street from City Hall. Drexel grads (and interns) are everywhere, and the intern programs have a long history of placement with firms across the region. I worked for 3 separate consulting firms in the city, and they all had a handful of co-ops built into their staffing plans. I know very little about RIT, but it’s hard to imagine there are more business opportunities in Rochester vs. Philly.