Drexel vs. Rutgers-New Brunswick vs U Pitt - Data Science

Which of these three schools - Drexel, U Pitt or Rutgers NB are good for Data science undergrad?

I don’t see Rutgers with an undergrad although it’s probably part of another major like stats.

I’d look at the offerings…especially Pitt and Drexel and see what appeals to you. Some house this major in business; others in info systems etc

And visit the programs. Make an appt on a campus tour and go talk to people.

Good luck.

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thank you …how do I find out which has better placements.

Why not contact the departments and ask for student outcomes.

Or contact the school’s career centers.

You may look on department websites too.

What you should be looking at moreso is - which is right for you…the feel, the fit, the affordability.