Drinking/Partying on Campus?

<p>Wasn't UDel the #1 party school at one point? I might be crazy but I think it was up there a while back... I just don't get that impression from the students that I've seen while on campus tours and stuff. Am I missing something? How is the social life? There doesn't seem to be a big Greek life on campus... </p>


<p>Hmmm... 72 people viewed the thread and NOT ONE had something to add?</p>

<p>I tell you, I live five minutes from UD, and they do party. I don't know if they were on top party schools, but they're big on it. They're were a couple alcohol related deaths this year to. Two of the deaths were drunk students walking on train tracks. But anyway, there's always a party going on. A lot of my friends party there, and you'll get a lot of "UD really knows how to party." I was walking down main street today, and happened to spot a college kid wearing a tshirt that said "UD beerpong." If you want to know more, or have any questions PM me.</p>

<p>Delaware definitely has a work hard/play hard mentality and that's awesome... socially, you will NOT be disappointed. =)</p>