Driver's License


<p>I think I'd like to get a driver's license sometimes this year, but I'm confused about something.
Apparently one needs to bring their own or their parent's car to take the driving test. Rental cars are not allowed, and since apparently the car insurance needs to be in your or your parent's name, one cannot just borrow a car from a friend. So what do people whose parents do not own a car in the US usually do? Getting my license in my own country is not really an option, since my summer break isn't long enough for me to complete the high number of required learning hours, and it happens to be much, much more expensive than in the US.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>We live in Mass and our kids were allowed to borrow a car for the test … they used their grandfather’s car … to do this they needed a letter from their grandfather giving them permission and proof of insurance … so it can be done some places at least. </p>

<p>I’d check with the department of motor vehicles in your state … your situation is not unique … I would think (hope) each state has a process for folks who do not own their own car.</p>

<p>The rules on getting your license are different in every state. In our state (and most) it is not just a matter of going down and taking the driving portion of the test unless you already have a valid license someplace else. In our state there are a certain number of classroom hours required, then behind the wheel lessons and a six month permit period during which you have to drive with a licensed driver for practice. There are a certain number of daylight and nighttime hours required for that practice. At the end of that process you can take the actual driving test for your license. So depending on your state, the car you drive for your test may be the least of your worries at the moment, since you likely need a lot of practice hours in someone’s car with a licensed driver.</p>

<p>In our state kids are often taken to the test by the driving schools and they use those cars at the test. Your state seems to have very peculiar rules. Here in NY there are quite a few people in NYC who know how to drive, but may not have a family car.</p>

<p>I would guess that the problem with using a rental car is actually that the rental car agency won’t rent to you, or allow you to operate a car rented by somebody else, since you’re not a licensed driver.</p>

<p>I agree that you should double-check the rules about using a borrowed car. I cannot imagine why a person would not be allowed to take the road test in a borrowed car as long as the car in question is validly registered, properly insured, and used with the owner’s permission. After all, that’s really what you’re doing when you take the driving test in your parents’ car!</p>

<p>And where I live, too, driving schools will allow you to hire their car for the road test (and one of their instructors to go back and forth with you). It’s not inexpensive to do, but it’s not uncommon.</p>



<p>We also live in Mass and this is what my daughter did to take her road test since the state requires that the vehicle used for the driving test has an emergency brake in the center (where the examiner can reach it if necessary) and our car didn’t meet that requirement. The fee for hiring the driving school’s car and instructor for this purpose included an hour of driving practice right before the road test.</p>



<p>What a silly requirement! I mean, it’s not as if that hand brake can actually stop the car.</p>

<p>I’m not questioning you, MAOnemom. I’m just expressing my bewilderment that anybody actually approved that idea.</p>