Driving Directions to Dartmouth

<p>I've looked up directions on the internet and none of them are the same. Can some please give me detailed directions to get from Manchester Airport to Dartmouth or at least show me a site that is correct? </p>

<p>Are there overpasses/turnoffs that you have to go the oppositie direction and loop around on? if you wanted to go left, you have to turn right on the off ramp and go around? </p>

<p>(i'm from canada and have never driven in the states. I really don't want to get lost haha)</p>


<p>If you are Canadian I will assume you will be heading south on Interstate 89. Get off at Interstate 91 - go north to the Hanover exit (just a few miles) and turn right at the end of the exit ramp. It will take you 1hr 25 min from Burlington, Vt to Dartmouth.</p>

<p>i'm coming from manchester airport...none of the maps i've found on the net mention highway 91?</p>

<p>He's assuming you are coming from Montreal by car. You want to take I-93N to Concord, NH (toll road), then change to I89 North to Lebanon/White River Junction.
Now you can either get off I-89 at the Lebanon/Hanover exit (#18), and take Rt120 North to Hanover. To get to the college, you stay on NH120 about 8-10 miles into Hanover, then in town turn left onto NH Rt 10 (East Wheelock Street).</p>

<p>There is another way that takes you past most of the motels where you may be staying. Stay on I-89 until you get to I-91 N at White River Junction, go North on I-91 to the Hanover exit, turn right, go over the COnnecticut River, up the hill about 1 1/2 mile and you are on campus.</p>

<p>The rental car company can help with good maps and directions.</p>

<p>if your flying to manch airport u can take a direct bus..see vermont transit for schedule
u do not need a car to visit ..bus drops u off at hanover inn right on the big green..hanover the town is right there and lebanon has free bus or cheap taxis</p>