Drop a piece of advice regarding graduate admissions to UK and U.S. schools

Hi! i’m currently a sophomore at college (from Europe) and i’m eager to get my master’s degree either in UK or USA. my major is transport technologies ( professional qualification - transport engineer). i want to apply to supply chain management/logistics/transportation to UK, and computational studies/econ/management/engineering to USA.
how do you think which english proficiency test should i choose - ielts or toefl (the top colleges in uk require 7.5 ielts and 110 toefl, and in usa 100-100 toefl)?
also i want to take gmat (yea, i know that it’s for mba, but lots of programs accept it, and i like the mathematics part in it). how do you think is it reasonable to take this test or it’s better to pass gre instead?
also, if you know some universities options (different rankings and acceptance rates that offer merit and need scholarships ) that suit my interest, please write it down
thank you so much :sparkling_heart: