<p>When is it really over?</p>

<p>It was supposed to end midnight yesterday (8/28/08) in order to not encounter any fees. There are also 2 late drops where you have to pay for the course but with one you get no grade (10/10/08) and the other you get a "W" and need Dean's permission to drop (11/14/08).</p>

<p>I almost had a heart attack today when I checked blackboard to look at my son's schedule. He was listed at only 11 credit hours!!!!! Being a boy and being a freshman, he didn't follow one of the teachers instructions about signing in to some type of website with a password that was supplied during class. If they didn't do this, the teacher assumed that they were dropping the class. Luckily, my son talked to the teacher and was able to add the class back into his schedule and everything is okay. Thank heavens for a woman in undergraduate studies that helped correct everything. All I could think of was him losing his financial aid for having less than 12 credit hours. EEEKKKK!!!!</p>

<p>That would have been a costly mistake! So glad he was able to get everything straightened out.</p>