Drop AP Lit

I’m trying to drop Ap lit as I have recently gotten a job offer from a tutoring service in town and offered to continue my summer research throughout the school year. However, counselor and teacher are sticking to the policy that I must get a D or F to drop and must wait longer to see how it would work out. What should I do?

Can you have your parents override it and have them switch you out. Also if you’re worried about the work load AP lit was a lot easier than lang in my opinion and the work load wasn’t too bad at all. Granted it all depends on teachers/schools but if you already took AP Lang or are good at English lit shouldn’t be that hard for you if you do end up having to take it.

I am taking four other AP courses, and the workload for AP lit in our school is said to be substantial. I am planning to bring my parents in to talk. Do you think they would receive that well or make it even harder for me to go forward with my decision?