Drop class?

<p>I currently have Geoscience which is not honors or AP. I want to know should I drop this class for Latin 3 honors? I want to major in Pre-med and I have excellent EC"s. however I think the class is somewhat boring, as it is full of careless jocks! Yes it is. Shall I keep the class, and take some kind of complement at a local college, or should i go out for latin 3 honors, which I find to be in a much better enviornment</p>

<p>Sounds like you've already answered your own question. Switch to the honors Latin 3 if you think you'll do well in it.</p>

<p>if i havent taken or plan to re-take the SAT, i would strongly suggest going for the Latin 3 honors.</p>

<p>improving ur latin skills will raise ur verbal SAT scores by learning roots and stuff about words.</p>

It's like getting an A for playing hard video games except you get smarter.</p>