Drop dead date for all stuff to be in for ED???

<p>Just wondering if others heard that tomorrow was the drop dead date for all stuff to be in? Just asking because the person doing my "optional recommendation" is sending it today.</p>

<p>Where did you hear that</p>

<p>2 emails from admission office both stating they must be in receipt of 1st qtr. grade report and Early accept form by 16 Nov. (both of which I did return a week ago).</p>

<p>Novmber 16th is today, not tomorrow. Just sayin. :)</p>

<p>How can they have a date for the 1st quarter grade report if your quarter doesn't end until Friday? And what is the "early accept" form anyways?</p>

<p>^^I think they meant the Early Decision Agreement^^ Why does your first quarter end so late? A quarter should be 9 weeks and Friday will be approximately 12 weeks into a school year. Are you on trimesters? Just wondering since a school year is only 36 weeks long (plus vacation time obviously).</p>

<p>No, we are on 2 semesters but the first quarter ends late for some reason. It isn't really a quarter, in fact, because our semester ends at the end of January. </p>

<p>Okay, that is what I suspected, I thought we had to turn in the form with our application anyways.</p>