Drop out of a class?

Hi all,

I am a current HS junior and am taking College CS: Data Structures and Algorithms (I couldn’t drop out in drop/add period, it was too late) and I am really, really struggling right now. The teacher doesn’t care about me at all and the tests are really hard. The highest I can get is probably a B or C+. Should I withdraw from the course although it would show on my transcript? Would this ruin my chances to top colleges? I wanted to major in CS before I took this course, but after I took this course, I am rethinking my decision. Please give some advice. I dread the class and nothing makes sense to me in that class.

Thank you very much!

What other classes are you taking? Have you already taken AP CS A or Principles?

I have already taken APCSA. I enjoyed that but am really struggling with this CS class

Is this an elective class or one of your five core courses (Eng, science, math, social studies/hist, foreign language)?

Find out how the withdraw would appear on your transcript. As long as it isn’t a withdraw fail, I think you will be OK.

I agree with @momofboiler1 that you will be okay with a W, but you may need to add another course to keep your rigor high, especially if you are applying to selective colleges and this is one of your core courses. If it is an elective, I think you’re 100% fine.

It’s an elective course. I am also not allowed to add in another course because its too late. Do you think I should take an online AP course to maintain the rigor?

What does the rest of your schedule look like?

What does your guidance counselor say?

can you list your current schedule?
what’s your unweighted GPA?

Hi @MYOS1634
With my current CS course, my predicted unweighted GPA right would be 3.71 to 3.81. Without would be ~ 3.89.
Current schedule:
AP Bio, AP Econ, AP Calc, English 11 (not AP) , Honors Spanish, art (Required), College CS Data Structures

I think you’re fine dropping CS but just double check with your guidance counselor


Sounds like dropping CS would be fine, but check with your GC and keep in mind 3.7-3.8 isn’t the end of the world. The issue is more that you are not understanding anything.
If CS interests you but the abstract concepts aren’t your cup of tea, look into Information Technology
or Cybersecurity

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