Drop this class?

Hi everyone,
Online performing/visual arts classes at my high school (SoCal, covid is pretty bad here) will be modified in order to somewhat work over zoom. So, drama class, which I was planning on taking all four years (I’m a rising junior) will involve more film/video acting instead of regular theatre acting.

My question is, if I take drama this year, will it look bad on college apps? I feel like colleges won’t know that the class was modified, so they’ll just assume I did nothing in a virtual theatre class all year. I am aiming for pretty top colleges, will they look down on this class as opposed to some other elective?

I’m not trying to major in theater or anything, I just enjoy it and thought it would be a nice class to look forward to everyday+continuity for 4 years might be a slight boost in apps.

It will not look bad taking drama. There’s something to be said about learning about acting in different media. I did an acting fir film class in college and you really do learn different techniques that dovetail with acting for theater. No AO will criticize the choice

It is fine - especially since it is an elective that you enjoy. I think admissions officers will assume that online coursework has been appropriately modified.