<p>i am doing really poorly in english 4w...i didn't need to take it cuz i fulfilled the requirement w/ my cluster but wanted to b/c i wanna minor or potentially major in english. if i drop it now, would that be an F? i got a b- on my first paper, b- and c- on the 2 quizzes, which is a bad sign for my overall grade. it's so discouraging b/c the person who sits by me gets As all the time. i hope the TA isn't against me... it seems like i work so hard and never get anywhere.</p>

<p>and when is the best time to take english 10A? any general advice for english 10A, if i am not scared away from the minor or major? professor choice, etc? i am not acquainted w/ english ppl so just wondering!</p>

<p>i'm sorry you have to follow my whining about failing. thanks for listening to my complaints.</p>

<p>i believe summer session classes you can drop up until the final with no penalty or mark on your DPR.</p>

<p>ok i'll check w/ counseling thanks. why isn't virtual counseling working now? isn't there supposed to be a link on my ucla? it hasn't changed since last summer, right?</p>

<p>hmmm, if you are having a problem with 4w...10a just gets harder (a big reason for this is the curriculum...kind of a bore comparatively)
i liked 10a, but english is a breeze for me...
do you like chaucer, middle english etc? the old stuff isn't as interesting as the comtemporary stuff you get to read in 4w, i loved that class
i had McEachern for 10a, and she was great, straight forward, good communication on test subjects etc
never talked to the McEachern outside of class, but my ta was great for that</p>

<p>i dont know how summer session works at all, but if you are having trouble (feel you are at a standstill) go to your ta
from my experience participating in class and talking to your ta is your best bet at boosting your ta relationship and improving your grade</p>

<p>oh: and i would say the best time to take 10a is right after 4W...because you are used to the english essay/class format. Other than that it doesnt matter much when you take it during the year...one thing about fall quarter: no freshman? i guess...since 4w is a req
the teacher won't matter as much as the ta, which is pretty grab-bag i guess, but i haven't encountered a bad one yet
and you want to get 10a out of the way asap so that you can take 10b asap and move on to the upper division english courses! more topics to choose from...yay</p>

<p>so this is a revised copy/paste question so flowerpollen (and others) can see b4 it disappears:</p>

<p>has anyone heard of the english 10a TA named MOORMAN, J.E? i'm really considering dropping english 10a for session c cuz im burned out. but if the TA is excellent, i might stay. please lemme kno b4 it's too late to drop!</p>


<p>i like contemporary stuff the best, but unfortunately, my english TA grades me low...i hope it's not bias. has the dept ever experienced obvious biased grading? but if it's not bias, that prolly means i am not good in english and i should not minor in it?? i feel discouraged and scared away from the english minor from this session. maybe it's because i have so much stuff going on in the 6 wks besides this class...</p>

<p>I LOVE to write pretty much anything. the best writing is creative and journalism. i can't wait to take creative writing if i survive more english! and i can't wait to revive my writing, which is dead from writing in south campus lab. too bad there's no journalism major-it's like a major at the Bruin!</p>

<p>Creative writing is really hard to get into.</p>

<p>Have you gone to office hours or asked you TA about your grades?</p>

<p>You need to pick up a drop form from Murphy and have the instructor sign it. One of the above users was correct - there will be no indication on your transcript that you enrolled for the class or dropped it (it's as if you never enrolled in the class in the first place). My instructor actually commented that he doesn't know why students don't just drop a class instead of getting a poor grade. If you decide to drop the class, the policy is is that you have to do it before you take the final, for obvious reasons of course.</p>