Dropped a 'planned' course, not a requirement-Rescind?

<p>D's high school is on a block program (4 classes in fall semester, 4 in spring semester). She was going to take 4th year of math (Statistics) in spring semester and had entered it as 'planned' on the CSU apps. She ended up dropping the class. She's been admitted to various CSUs as an art major (although SJSU admitted her as Undeclared since the EI for Animation majors jumped about 900 pts in one year). </p>

<p>Will dropping Statistics cause her admission to be rescinded? GPA is going up. But SJSU letter states: "..if any of your self-reported information fails to pass verification, your admission will be cancelledÂ…" Fourth year of math isn't even a requirement. Has anyone experienced this?</p>