Dropped a semester in CC.. received Fs for 4 courses.


About a year and a half ago I dropped an entire semester of courses at CC and recieved 4 F’s. I dropped due to personal emergency financial reasons and had to go to work. I am now back in school with a different major and none of those courses I dropped count toward my major but are still on my transcript. Will these grades prevent me from transferring to a 4 year? And (just forward thinking) will they prevent me from getting into graduate school?

If you went through the proper drop procedure at your CC, then you would have W’s not F’s on your transcript. If it was an emergency, then you should have contacted your CC and they would have given the proper procedure to drop the courses. If the courses are transferable, regardless if they are a major related or not they will still be part of your transfer GPA. Look into academic renewal or a retroactive withdrawal procedure.