Dropping 3 AP classes

Okay, so long story short, I am having financial issues and other issues that prevents me from studying AP. And my school actually forces you to take an AP exam if you take the test. Okay, now I’m not like you guys over here, with perfect GPAs and high rankings. I’m just above average. My college of choice is Kennesaw State and Georgia Southern. Do you think dropping these classes will destroy my chances? Mainly because one of them is semester that I’m dropping it. What if I wait one semester for the other two and drop one? Then next semester, drop the other two courses.


Are you a senior / have you already applied to these schools?

I am a senior and I applied already


Then you need to call those schools before you make any rash decisions. They could say it’s fine, or they could reject you for misrepresenting your course rigor. Only they know which one is the case.

Are they considered hard/major AP courses? And I definitely agree with bodangles


They are considered hard. Physics c, Calc BC.

I’m not sure what people consider Microeconomics, but that one is easy for me.

Anyways, I found out that I was wrong and the AP tests are optional, which is a relief. I will just finish this semester and drop 1, probably to help loosen the time.

Call the schools to find out if you are allowed to drop even one.

If you are mainly concerned about the cost of taking the tests, ask whether your school or state has a fee waiver program for students with financial need.


They do but it isn’t a big issue