Dropping a class, taking a "W"?!

<p>Hey guys, I'm in quite a pickle...</p>

<p>Earlier this year I TAG'd to UC Merced for the Spring 2013 semester. I had the GPA required, IGETC completed, major prerequisites finished, and well over 60 units. My TAG was accepted and I was admitted a month or so later. This fall I was scheduled to take Organic Chemistry, Psychology, & Sociology... All of which were on my TAG and UC App. Early on, I wasn't doing so hot in Psychology and it was incredibly boring and stale. I dropped it and ended up getting a "W". My Sociology class was supposed to start in October, was cancelled due to the lack of students joining. I tried crashing other classes but there was no room. So I'm pretty much ONLY taking Organic Chemistry... None of these courses are a prerequisite and I have over 100 units. Will my admission be revoked?! I'm still waiting on a response from their email...</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>