Dropping a Class

<p>First semester, I had a full AP schedule with two off periods (AP Lit, AP Gov, AP Bio, AP BC Calc, AP French, and Concert Choir). Second semester I was supposed to take AP Lit, AP Gov, AP Bio, AP B/C Calc, AP French, Concert Choir, and Sociology in one of my off periods. However, around early january, before we switched to the new semester, I decided to drop Sociology. </p>

<p>Now, I put on my Common App that I would be taking sociology second semester...are they going to get angry at me when they don't see that grade? My grades in all of my other classes are fine, I haven't slipped at all (straight As.) What should I do?</p>

<p>Admissions decisions already came out, so why is this an issue?</p>

<p>Dropping one elective (non-honors, non-AP) class shouldn't be a problem in terms of rescinding your acceptance; however, the best bet would be to call admissions just to verify that it's okay with them.</p>

<p>It's hard to imagine that your courseload is anything but "the most rigorous" with or without the Sociology class. I wouldn't worry about it.</p>