Dropping a honors class?

<p>How important is an honors class on your transcript? Is a alot better than a regular class?
I'm currently in spanish honors and I'm hating it. I absolutely despise the teacher that teaches that class. She is a complete B*tch. The bad news is that she is the only spanish honors teacher in my school and if I stay in honors, I'm going to have her again. I'm thinking about dropping honors next term, but I'm worried about this hurting my transcript.
I need your opinions. Should I continue going through her torturing class or should I just drop honors and take regular spanish? Thanks.</p>

<p>depends what ur getting in the honors class and whether the switch will be on your permanet record.</p>

<p>If you're doing well you should probably stay in it. If you drop out of honors it will look kind of suspicious (especially if your grades were fine in honors). Plus, if you go into the normal class, maybe it won't be challenging for you.</p>

<p>I definitely understand the torment of a bad teacher though. I had a french teacher freshman year I hated so I dropped the class. Luckily I could do that because I was also taking spanish. Good luck!</p>

<p>Going back to regular cource.... ask yourself before you transfer: do you have a courage to be in a same classroom with someone who doesn't really want to learn anything(not all of them are like that, but a lot of them)?</p>

<p>EDITED: I believe it was kinda offensive to some people, so I changed.
-Ministry of Truth</p>

<p>wow, why are normal kids learning disabled?
The non-honors people in my school are just as smart. Many of my friends are in regular classes.</p>

<p>oh, sorry, it was just my prejudice. Kids at my non-honors class at my school were horrible, so I just came up with that. Sorry if it was offensive to anybody.</p>

<p>i wouldn't suggest it. i dropped honors english because i had 1000+ pages of summer reading to do the last 2 days of summer. now i'm in regular, i have an easy A, but it's probably the most miserable hour of my day. the class discussions are pretty much non-existant, none of the students actually want to learn anything, and the teacher treats us like we're idiots, because half the class acts that way. but that's just my school.</p>

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<p>ugh I sympathize. I cannot STAND spanish this year. tests and quizzes are ALL based on "reading comprehension", but it's not what you think; we get something to read for the night (once it was on important Spanish explorers and in 1 paragraph there was a list of eight) and have a pop quiz the next day "In what year did Cabeza de Vaca discover blah blah blah?" Mind you this is Spanish III. In Latin III we are reading literature. I asked one day (with perfect grammar) if we were going to read any literature or poetry meant for adults, and she said maybe a Cuban poem in third quarter. She stifles discussion in Spanish and goes out of her way to intimidate students who are having trouble. She also gives huge grade bonuses to students who elect to participate in exchanges and trips to spanish-speaking countries, ignoring that money can be a major preventive issue. I think my Spanish is actually getting worse.</p>

<p>er that was cathartic! I'm sticking with it & would advise you to do so also, but maybe stop Spanish next year if you will have her and take something substantial in its place.</p>

<p>I don't like Spanish III H this year either. My teacher is notorious for switching between Italian and Spanish while teaching. First MP is almost over and I didn't have a single test, so now I'm extremely nervous that I'll fail the 1st one because there is so much information.</p>

<p>I took it one step further, I dropped an AP class.</p>

<p>After we turned in our summer homework (worth 120 points), my AP lang/comp teacher "kindly" pointed out that if any sentence in your homework packet (which were typically well over 10 pages) faintly resembled a sentence from sparknotes, you'd be given a 0/120 for cheating. I had to admit, I used sparknotes sparingly, but I definitely did not plagarize. But, she had highlighted 3 or 4 sentences in my packet and gave me a big fat 0. I tried to stay in the class, but she was notorious for giving even more F's. You could put all your effort into any essay, and she would automatically give you an F. </p>

<p>I ended up dropping the class and joining a regular english class, which I detest. I have a 98% without doing any work at all. But, I have lost more self esteem in these past few months than I ever have. Now, instead of taking 4 AP classes, I'm taking 3, which basically makes you feel quite inferior compared to the elitists at my school. So my self esteem takes a beating whenever I talk to any of these elitists.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your opinions. I'll take them into consideration when this term ends.
I'm just worried whether colleges will be suspicious that I went from spanish honors to regular spanish. Hopefully there'll be a chance that theres a different teacher next term for me...</p>