Dropping a HS class after being accepted to college?

<p>It's my second semester of senior year (finally!!) and I have been accepted SCEA to my top college. My mid year reports have not yet been sent out, but I am not doing as well in AP Chemistry as I would like. Some would say it's not a big deal because I have an 89.4 as a final grade for first semester, but since that doesn't round up, it will affect my final GPA (which is calculated using our 7th semester grades in my school) enough that it takes me out of the top two in the school.
What would my college that I have already been accepted to (and I guess other colleges I have applied to) think of this decision? To drop AP Chemistry so late in the year?
Thank you!!</p>

<p>The people who know the answer work in admissions at that college. Call them. </p>

<p>Maybe they'll say go for the vanity of being in the top 2 in your HS, maybe they'll say they revoke admissions of students that apply listing tough courses and then drop them after they are admitted.</p>

<p>Thank you. I was just wondering if anyone else had faced this sort of a situation before and how they had resolved it. Though I'm sure the admissions office might have a more accurate answer, I did not want to tell them just yet of such a thought.</p>

<p>Just a thought:</p>

<p>So you end up with a B and that puts you out of the top 2 in your HS. While your rank may seem like a big deal right now, believe me, the second you're out the door of your HS, it means nil. Whereas finishing AP Chem could help with future credit, placement, etc.</p>

<p>I guess I should also add that I have to send in my transcripts, grades, rank, etc to the US Presidential Scholar Program, so my rank still matters for that application.
With that into consideration (since my school calculates rank using the first 7 semester grades) does it make a difference at all?</p>

<p>I think taking AP Chem is more important than being ranked in the top two. I also think it could be grounds for being revoked. One B+ isn't that big of a deal just stick with it. And I agree that it could be useful for credit, placement, etc.</p>