Dropping an AP Class to Take it Online

<p>I am a junior currently taking AP Biology at my high school. I have my very first "C" in the class and that grade isn't moving up or down. I want to be accepted into USF Honor's 7 year Medical program, and having a "C" in AP Biology is not very competitive. </p>

<p>My initial idea was to drop the class and continue taking AP Biology as an online class so that I can get an "A". I know I can do better at a different pace. I read the article below: </p>

<p>Is</a> it OK to drop a high school course? | College Admissions Strategies</p>

<p>and it said that dropping the class and doing it online would ". . . raise eyebrows" from admission officers. </p>

<p>The concern is that dropping the class would look terrible. I want to get into the USF Honor's Medical program.</p>

<p>It is already 5 weeks into the school year. What should I do? Should I drop the class and take it as an online course at 9 weeks? Starting at the 2nd semester? Would it look better to just get a "C" in Semester 1 and 2?</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. Any comments or similar experiences would be helpful.</p>

<p>Try waiting a while and working hard. I was in the same situation as you but with AP Chem last year, I almost took it online because it was pretty horrible at first (D almost the whole first quarter), but I managed to get an A both semesters! (Although nobody got over a 2 on the AP test). Talk to your teacher, see what you can do. It’s only the first half of the first quarter of the first semester. Stay positive :)</p>

<p>Is this your first C? One benefit of getting C’s earlier in high school is the student learns how to handle a little adversity. Several learn what to do when things gets difficult. </p>

<p>Dropping a class in school and then taking it online screams “I’m doing this for an easy (easier?) A.” One reason why colleges look for course rigor is they want students who take risks and challenge themselves not kids who play it safe.</p>

<p>It’s still very early in the school year. Go to the teacher and ask to go over your work to figure where you need more help. If necessary, get a tutor.</p>