Dropping AP

<p>If I don't take two AP exams (one for which Columbia gives credit, one for which they don't), will they take away my acceptance, even if I continue taking the courses in my school.</p>

<p>no they won't</p>

<p>second that</p>

<p>How sure are you guys? Columbia2002, do you have any opinion about this? Thanks for all responses, past and future.</p>

<li>they don't even see the AP scores unless you send them to them</li>
<li>my son didn't bother to take the AP Euro test, since it didn't count for anything. they still took our tuition check.</li>
<li>speaking of which, why should they care? they don't have any incentive to give you credits for work done elsewhere and most of the departments don't think AP courses are the equivalent of college classes anyway.</li>

<p>I second what the others said. To risk revocation of your acceptance, you've got to, like, fail stuff.</p>

they still took our tuition check.


<p>This is the bottom line about most of Columbia.</p>