Dropping Caclulus

<p>I’m taking Calculus 2 / Math 151 / Calculus 2 for Science & Engineering, whatever you call it.</p>

<p>On my UC transcript I put Calc 1 - In Progress, I passed this and got a B, and I put Calc 2 - Planned. </p>

<p>I have a 72% in the class with a big test coming up and senioritis is consuming me. I am really really lazy, no excuse about it, can’t even force my self to do my HW for that class anymore. Its only calculus thats affected too, I really dont like the teaching style of the teacher and I am really far behind in the material.</p>

<p>I’m fine in everything else, Calculus doesnt go on HS report card because its a community college class (4.0 UC GPA)</p>

<p>I’d like to drop the class now. I would get a Withdraw (W) on my transcript and would have to notify the UC’s. Is this better than failing the class and will it affect my admissions?</p>

<p>Should I drop the class and then wait to see where I’m accepted and then proceed by notifying the corresponding colleges?</p>

<p>How would I go about notifying the colleges? I would have to call each individual college, correct? </p>

<p>Is withdrawing from a college class that I put as “planned” but changed my mind even a big deal?</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch.</p>

<p>If you put the college course as planned, make sure that dropping that class won't be construed as getting an F. It doesn't matter that it isn't on the HS transcript; so long as you indicated it on your application, you have to send in a transcript of it (in this case, a CC transcript). It is preferable to get a W than an F, but call the UCs to see their responses on it.</p>

<p>I will thanks.</p>

<p>I have an extremely similar case as you, Arctic. I plan on waiting till I get accepted, and then calling the schools I would want to go to, and seeing their responses.</p>

<p>Let me know what happens. :) GL</p>

<p>I just talked to my parents and got owned. they told me if i dropped that class i wouldnt learn how to become a good learner and work hard and would fail in college.</p>


<p>That might as well be the case with it anyways.</p>

<p>I'm going through the EXACT same thing.
I got a B in AP Calc AB last semester,
but I have an F so far second semester, and yeah
senioritis is totally kicking in full effect with that class,
esp since i have it first period, which starts at 730 am.</p>

<p>I'm thinking of dropping it, but I'm also waiting for my acceptances
to come, and then I'll call the universities. Ehh.</p>

<p>^Thats not a good idea at all. The earlier this is settled, the more options you have. For instance, the earlier you know which schools will still accept you, the less chance there'll be that the one that you SIR to will rescind you. It might be nice going to Berkeley and such, but is it worth it if they rescind you whereas UCLA or UCSD hold their offers? Similarly, consider that there is also the chance that they'll accept a summer school class to replace that grade. That planning has to start ASAP in case one CC or another fails to have that class. If you wait, there are few options available to explore.</p>

<p>See it's all about balence. You can only slack off for 3-5 classes.</p>

<p>I am going to have a 4.0 weighted (UC) GPA throughout my senior year, 1st and 2nd semester, will failing that single semester of college calculus REALLY have that great of an effect?</p>

<p>Exact same situation. I was accepted by UCSD but now i will have a D in calculus AP. Does D affect the admission decision? Is a withdrawal better? Who to phone about this issue?</p>

<p>Just got into UCSD this morning too, the conditions they state are:</p>

<p>Conditions of Admission:</p>

<pre><code>* Your senior year weighted grade point average (GPA) in all UC-approved "a-g" courses must be at least 3.00.
* You must receive a "C" or better in all college preparatory "a-g" courses taken in senior year.
* If there are other conditions attached to your admission, an additional document will be mailed to you.
* Your admission will be subject to immediate cancellation if:
o there are any inconsistencies between data reported on your application and official documents.
o all provisions have not been met, regardless of your enrollment status.

<p>im going to have above 3.0 and will have a C or better in all a-g classes, calc 2 isent considered an a-g class. so if worst comes to worst and i do fail i dont think it should affect it that much, ive heard stories of people from my school failing calc 2 and not getting revoked from ucsd</p>

<p>Wait, Calculus isn't UC-approved?</p>

<p>it is but i dont think its an A-G course, calculus (math 151, at UCSD its 20B) is a college level class, im not sure how it plays a role.</p>

<p>Any math would fall under the A-G even if it is college level. Call or email them to report your individual situation. You may need to make up the course over the summer at a community college.</p>