dropping grades senior year...

<p>if i had primarily a's and a couple b's throughout high school... then straight b's senior year, would they take back their admission, IF i were to get admitted?</p>


<p>Probably...straight Bs are bad.</p>

<p>No...If you have already been accepted they won't revoke your admission with straight b's. Only if you get d's and f's will they revoke admission, and sometimes they will put you on academic probation if you have a viable excuse. You are fine as it is.</p>

<p>You should be ok. Just don't let the grades go below a B. I do know someone who was rescinded. It was a very sad thing to happen, he ended up going to a community college as a result.</p>

<p>Be careful. Michigan will not hesitate to put a student on probation if his/her grades have dropped subtantially...and if you are placed on probation, it will be part of your permanent record. That is not something you want If you can maintain a GPA over 3.3, you will be fine...but if it drops below that by a significant amount (like 3.0 or 2.9, you could find yourself in some trouble. If it drops below 2.9, you could even have your acceptance rescinded. I understand that senioritis is upon you, but make an effort to do well enough to not raise any eyebrows.</p>